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Jun. 29th, 2011

ahhhhhhh I swear they need to screen the lotr trilogy once a year because they are such perfection and need to be seen in theaters!!!!

...yup that's all I really wanted to say.



and our hearts forever ♥

Wow it's been awhile...I guess this semester hasn't really been too newsworthy, despite it being my last. I have had a lot of fun going out with the Nanzan peeps though, and nomikai with Sensei was definitely an experience. :)

I'm still in a state of disbelief that I will be graduating in a little over a week. I have friends who are eager to leave their schools and start life in the real world, but despite having a job(!!!) I can't help but feel really sad at the idea of leaving here. Without realizing it, Notre Dame truly has become my home.

This evening after it stopped pouring rain I went for a walk around St. Joseph's lake. Watching the fog rise off the water, looking at the Dome, Basilica, and a couple of lonely ducks was so peaceful. I really find myself appreciating the beauty of this place more now that I'll be leaving.

T-minus eight days.
I could not have asked for a better senior day. :)

We all came into the game thinking--knowing--that this would be yet another miserable loss. Utah was ranked 14th, and we had just lost to Tulsa so I don't think anyone thought we had a chance of winning, not even me, a perpetual optimist no matter how terrible we proved ourselves to be each week. The class of 2011 was clearly cemented in Notre Dame history as the 'losingest class ever.' But it was our last home game as students so we made sure to hit up everything this game weekend - midnight drummer's circle, concert on the steps, arrived at the stadium early for the flyover by Air Force...and of course smuggled 6 bags of marshmallows into the stadium for the annual senior marshmallow fight at halftime.

Obviously we should play every game in the rain (flashback to Michigan soph year), because what started out as sluggish for both sides turned into a slaughter of the Utes. I've never been so proud of our defensive line. :)

The marshmallow fight, needless to say, was awesome. Didn't even hear what the Utah band was playing (though they looked pretty good, if surprised to see the entire senior section hurling marshmallows at each other). I even managed to spare my clothes from the sugary mess, thanks to the poncho. And our band played Sing Sing Sing as part of their show...if I had to make a list of the best parts of football games, it would be 1)the marching band, 2)Officer Tim McCarthy of the Indiana State Police, 3)The Irish Gig, 4)pushups!! 5)the ridiculous mascot/cheerleader competitions with the other teams.

Against all odds, the final score ended up being ND 28, Utah 3. It was our first victory against a ranked team since the beginning of 2006, and with nearly all of our starters injured we had done it with a bunch of nobodies. And then we stormed the field, falling over benches and pushing our way to the bottom to sing the alma mater and fight song on the field (and take about a billion pictures). We might still be the losingest class ever, but it was the best senior day we could have asked for.

I don't think it's really hit me yet that that was our last home game. We were so excited that there was no room for tears or sentimentality. I'm sad that we only got a taste of what it must usually be like to be a student here, but all of our frustration of the past four years only made yesterday's victory even sweeter.

sorry if you're reading this ramble, I just wanted to get it all down. :)

Sep. 14th, 2010



Jul. 30th, 2010

ahhh so I am well on my way to crashing...the adrenaline from this morning is slowly wearing off and I still have to sit at this desk for another 2-3 hours...I wish I actually had something productive to do!

Anyway, complete exhaustion is due to going to the National concert last night in NYC...having gotten back home on wed night very late because of the Goo Goo Dolls (AMAZING), it may not have been the wisest decision but I couldn't say no to Maura. So that makes two late nights in a row and another one coming up - after the Mets game today we are driving to DC, and I (perhaps stupidly) volunteered to drive part of the way. Mostly because I hate seeing Dad sleep-deprived and grumpy, and being a student, sleep deprivation is a natural state. *sigh*

I'll be lucky if I make it through the 4th inning...

I don't mean to complain too much though, because I like having things to do! Too much of this summer was just spent sitting around, it figures that finally things are picking up and I am leaving in 3 weeks. :/

also if the girl on craiglist doesn't get back to me about that SoCo ticket before 5 I will cry. Or just pester Katie every 10 seconds to let me check my email. saldfkjivlkjsdk;f...

new job

Haha I have gotten so terrible about updating! But now that I get paid for sitting here and pretending to be busy, I guess I have some time to get to it...anyway, started with IBM on Monday, which was a lovely first day because I was in Somers at 8am for paperwork, in Armonk ready to work by 10:30 but no one told my manager to expect me in the morning so I sat in the lobby for 3 hours while they tried to contact him because he was stuck in meetings. :/ Thanks to that the receptionist and I are now biffles. Also I don't have a badge because the machine has been broken for 4 days (I thought this was IBM?!) so I have to buzz in at the gate every morning...

Anyway, can't help but think that my dad picked a terrible week to go to workcamp because while my manager is stuck in meetings all week I have absolutely nothing to do, and no one to explain to me what I will be doing so I can get started. *sigh* I have met the other interns though, and they are all on another team (and computer science majors, lolol) but are really nice. Also decided to bring my lunch in every day, because overpriced cafeteria food isn't the tastiest (and I am saving every penny from this job!!)

So now I sit here all day watching the Tour live stream and refreshing ONTD. Doing nothing is only fun for so long...

Tour update! (no one else cares but I like having these things for future reference :P) Andy still in yellow after Cadel broke his elbow the other day, Cavendish won his third stage but Renshaw was kicked out of the Tour for blocking Farrar as he was leading Cav out. Drama drama...personally I think it is a little harsh to give him the boot (I mean, some guy the other day tried to attack another rider with a front wheel and got away with a small fine!), though it will be interesting seeing how Cav sprints without him...


well, I have had a wonderful, boy band-full night. Thank you ONTD for helping me relive my childhood...now off to look for my old NSync and Backstreet Boys CDs. But I will leave you with this video of my new favorite boy band...and honestly, they might win over the other two because the sheer happiness factor they've got going on. oh, and they sing in three languages. :)



ughhh what a day. Dad never woke me up for the Memorial Day Parade so I missed that. Thanks dad...I've only watched it with you every year since I graduated...

I played a lot of Kingdom Hearts, planted flowers (actual productivity!), watched ND lose the national lacrosse championship (which we were unranked in) because the guy from NF playing for Duke scored a goal in overtime, and went to work. That was also a bad move, because when I got there the credit card machine was down and I spilled a chocolate shake all over the counter (and my newly-washed apron). To top it off after making that customer wait while I made a new one our register rejected her credit card... >.<

5 daysss til Colorado! Can't wait for an end to this boredom.

ps Cori I need to see you sometime! I have Japanese-y things for you! also: are we going to Connecticon?


I'm appreciating the pretty sakura toolbar/layout thing that lj has going on, but they're about a month late. :P

So earlier today I was looking back on some of entries on here from HS and laughing about how dumb some of them sound, and some of my random use of the Japanese phrases I knew from anime...it's crazy to think that its been a whole 3 years since I graduated, because time really has flown. I'm finishing up a semester in Japan. Next spring I'll be graduating. I hardly know what to think...before long I'll be out there roughing it on my own (*fingers crossed for a job*)

Anyway, I think at this point I'm just writing this to procrastinate finishing up my econ essay. 8 pages on whatever you want...it is actually the first homework assignment of any kind that we've had all semester. As much as I love writing about rice protectionism and the shifting diets of the Japanese people, I can't stop thinking about all the events planned for these last couple of weeks - and for the summer! I'm not exactly looking forward to coming home, other than being able to see friends and family again, but I almost wish this semester could last forever. I feel as if I've just adjusted to living here, and in two weeks I'll be on a plane back home. It will be the first time since I started studying Japanese that I am taking a real break from the language. And there's just so many things about Japan that I am going to miss - the food, the people, the all-night karaoke, the beauty of the temples and shrines and how you can find one nestled into even the busiest corners of the biggest cities.

-don't worry Japan, I'll be back.


wahhhh T-minus SIX DAYS. here's my list of stuff to do before then:

- apply for visa
- buy 6 months of deodorant/shampoo
- bank account!!
- set up blog
- buy a raincoat/rainboots? -will do in Japan, if at all
- contact host fam again?

and there is still this terrifying open house thing to get through tomorrow...dalsfjlksadffd It looks super hardcore and I don't know anything about life insurance companies or business! I'll be there for the experience, because I won't be at all surprised when they turn me down. But I wish I'd given it a tiny bit more thought, I don't know anything about answering questions at interviews, or if I'll even get contacted by any other companies.

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